Buy Anavar Steroid Online

What is Anavar and why should a person consider buying it? Athletes are familiar with this name or, if not this brand name, then the active Anavar steroid oxandrolone. Pharmacists appreciate its legitimate purposes and are called on to prescribe it sometimes. Use the generic name oxandrolone as another way to find Anavar, a relatively mild option in the steroid world.

Are Anavar Pills Safe?

Before we get into how they work or where to buy Anavar online, let’s look at its safety record for a minute. This should be the athlete’s biggest worry, even more important than its legality. If a product is illegal, this is usually because of safety issues. Although not as potent or as dangerous as many other Performance Enhancing Steroids, Anavar tablets are shown to produce some unwanted results in small numbers of consumers. Are the dangers of steroids worth the risks?

Dangers in this case do not usually include water retention and relatively few individuals note unexpected hair loss or growth. These are aesthetic complaints, however, compared with the risks to your heart and liver. Studies show there is considerable risk of damaging either one by taking any Performance Enhancing substance, the Anavar steroid included.

Are Anavar Pills Legal?

So you can find Anavar for sale and buy Anavar online, but does that mean the product is legal to buy? That depends on where you live. Overall, the answer would be “no” and penalties are what vary most. In the United States, the substance has been banned. Any body builder, runner, basketball player, or MMA fighter found to have taken Anavar steroids during a routine drug test will be disqualified and probably fined. Athletics regulators come down hard on individuals who flout these rules in order to keep their athletes safe, create a fair playing field, and also to set a positive example to youngsters for whom fighters, runners, etc. are role models.

If for some reason a doctor prescribes oxandrolone for a patient, perhaps to encourage muscle growth in a slow-growing individual, he or she can purchase it legally but only at a pharmacy. With or without a prescription, purchases from other sources are never legal in the United States.

Buying Anavar Steroids

Now that you know the risks, how easy is it to find and buy Anavar online or in person? You are more likely to find an online source. E-commerce pricing is lower than what you find in regular health food stores or pharmacies, but the oxandrolone generic product is also cheaper than the Anavar brand name. Consumers who know their steroids and bodybuilding supplements regard this as one of the most expensive steroids you can buy. When it was only made by a single company this was to be expected, but now there is competition and they still keep the market price high.

There are few black market sources and not very many legitimate sources. Then again, people who are willing to put their careers and health on the line to try rogue products of this nature know where to look.

Why Do Consumers Choose Anavar Tablets Despite the Risks?

There are two reasons. One is the mildness of gender-related side-effects associated with this 50-year-old product reported by users and researchers. Another is its effectiveness. Anavar pills are shown to provide users with the results they are looking for.

The results in question are not just limited to building mass; many users appreciate the overall improvements they enjoy. These include muscle growth, fat loss, increased stamina, and better endurance. They feel stronger, look stronger, and are generally leaner. Consumers experience increased energy when they possess these qualities and are more confident on the court, on the track, in the ring, or onstage.

Still, you have to get past the difficulty of locating a source that is not a pharmacist looking for a prescription. Oxandrolone 20, a generic product available over the internet from Europe, is chosen for weight loss, treatment of muscle-wasting disease and possibly osteoporosis, and in support of burn victims who are trying to build back lost muscle. Apart from the first reason, you can see why Anavar can be a legitimate and popular product.

A package of 56 pills costs about $65 and this will last 28 days or fewer depending on its purpose and dosage. About 6 to 12 weeks is recommended as the maximum amount of time one should ingest the product before taking a break. This particular strength is too high for women to take. Oxandrolone 10 is safer, cheaper, and can be taken by women as this dosage does not exceed recommendations.

Interestingly, instructions about the product refer to muscle-building and weight loss, not to the use of this steroid for health reasons. This would appear to reinforce the reputation that steroids have as being far too popular among sports professionals and amateurs as well as body builders who would gain an “edge” over other people without doing the necessary work.