How To Buy HGH

There are three questions addressed in this article about Human Growth Hormone, a trendy supplement. One is how to buy HGH. Another is why to buy it. Finally, since you can find Human Growth Hormone for sale online and in stores, does that mean it is legal to use? We will also locate the best HGH supplement on the market.

Where is HGH for Sale?

The most common place to find a source of Human Growth Hormone for sale is online. There are both artificial and authentic forms, and we will get into that too. Several brands produce a supplement you can buy over the internet including Maximum Human Performance, Universal Nutrition, and Dymatize. Each of these is a supplement powder which can be mixed with food or fluids.

Why Buy Human Growth Hormone?

The reasons behind its popularity are manifold, beginning with the hype HGH has received from celebrity health and fitness experts. Weight loss gurus have also applauded its benefits in the area of fast, effective weight loss. HGH prompts several areas of your body to increase cellular growth and repair. This includes skin and muscle.

Why would you want to restore cell growth in your skin? When you age, cells lose their elasticity and thickness resulting in a sagging, papery, dry, and brittle appearance.

As for muscles, it’s obvious why one would take a supplement if possible: anything which will augment muscular growth and prevent cellular loss puts the professional or avid amateur ahead of the competition. He still has to work, but will often make more considerable gains for that effort than the next guy.

Metabolism tends to be higher among consumers of HGH while blood sugar is lower, great news for preventing or reversing Type 2 Diabetes. Bone density improves as does energy, both of which are on the wane in later life or as a result of certain conditions. HGH is sometimes used with collagen to prevent aging skin or sun damage which causes wrinkles. If you are trying to defy the signs of aging, note that Human Growth Hormone can help but does not completely stop the aging process.

HGH is given to children with growth problems, kids whose growth is abnormally slow, and is generally a prescribed supplement in its pure form. Although studies are light on the ground, most of them pertain to injected authentic HGH rather than the synthetic forms which are ingested and also legal to buy without a prescription. Usually, the real stuff is prescribed as a means of addressing growth issues in young people and possibly diabetes as a sugar regulator.

Is It Legal to Buy HGH?

When you find HGH for sale it is tempting to imagine this must mean you can use it legally. That is not always the case; in fact, a lot of HGH is purchased illegally. Firstly, the real thing is not legal to buy without a prescription virtually anywhere. Try to buy HGH over the internet and if you are caught, a fine is waiting for you, plus confiscation of the drug. Secondly, experts and regulators have good reason for banning the sale of this product for body building, weight loss, and anti-aging. Many studies show there are potential side effects although, as mentioned, not enough science stands behind good or bad opinions about HGH. While regulators frequently suspect that a competitor has used HGH as a means of developing bigger muscles or improving energy, measurable amounts found during random testing for Performance Enhancing Drugs or Supplements will lead to the competitor being banned. Athletes must exercise caution when using this product or perhaps consider not using it at all given the risks to their careers and also potential damage HGH can cause.

Side Effects

Strangely, benefits of taking this product are also related to harm. One example is bone density: some people respond in the reverse, developing or worsening osteoarthritis. Numerous individuals experience unwanted growth simply by taking HGH. It can cause diabetes instead of promoting low blood sugar. While many people believe HGH reduces cholesterol, it has also been pinpointed as a potential cause of cardiac problems.

Most Likely Uses and Top Products

The two most common reasons to buy and use HGH are for weight loss and body building. In fact, most synthetic products are geared towards the body building market. The top product according to reviews is Universal Nutrition. Their GH Max is a tablet sold in 180-tablet size for about $30. Contents include L-Arginine, Alpha-Ketoglutarate, L-Ornithine HCI, Phytosterols, and Carnitine. This product is not suitable for those suffering from a dairy allergy as it contains whey.

Dymatize GABA is a powder and contains only this single ingredient, so it’s not HCG but a supplement to encourage your body to behave similarly. This inexpensive product has received excellent ratings and its lack of extra ingredients makes this a high-quality supplement most people can tolerate even if they suffer from allergies.